Children's party in Klimbos Harderwijk

Children's party

Organize a children's party at Klimbos Harderwijk now! In the package of a children's party the kids get a bag of chips, soda and a climbing diploma. At our climbing forest, kids can climb with a minimum height of 1.20 meters.

Klimbos Harderwijk is part of Adventurepark Harderwijk

Next to the climbing forest: Fort Vertier

Tip: Next to our climbing forest you will find Fortress Entertainment, in this interactive fortress, children must reach all the towers as quickly as possible. Climb and scramble through the 3d labyrinth and scan your wristband at the correct towers. There is a game for the children 5-9 years old, and for the children 9 to 12 years old.

More information about Fort Vertier

Children's party arrangements

Are you an early riser?
Then come in the morning climb at 09.00, 09.15 or 09.30 and benefit of a nice discount.
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